Monday, September 15, 2008

Kulá & Tröen Tore It Up!

Kulá & Tröen were blazing last night at the Levitt Shell! If you missed the concert, boy did you miss out!

It was a beautiful night, just cool enough to be comfortable and to keep the mosquitos away. We brought our chairs and sandwiches to enjoy before the music started. It was a nice crowd, if a little sparse. When we arrived a little after 6 pm, the crowd was mostly familes who must have come for the earlier "Makin' Music Muscles" workshop. People started filling in as it got closer to 7 pm. It was a mixture of people in chairs or on blankets. Many of the folks with school-age kids left when the band took a break about halfway through the evening, but quite a few stayed to the end.

This group of musicians continues to amaze us! It seems like each time we see them, they get better and even more amazing. The music was a mixture of traditional tunes and their original music, which was mostly composed by the members of Tröen. Tröen is a group of 5--2 from Kula and 3 of their proteges. In this case the students are definitely pushing the teachers. While the larger group is fantastic, the smaller group is truly pushing the boundaries.

My only regret of the evening was that WindDance was not performing as well. I hope that the Levitt Shell will have them perform next time. The venue would be excellent for a dance show.

Speaking of which, I noticed on the Shell's schedule that the Memphis Youth Symphony and the New Ballet Ensemble are presenting "Peter and the Wolf" on September 27th at 5 pm. When I was a kid, we had a recording of this composition that was narrated by Captain Kangaroo (olay, so I'm dating myself). I would highly recommend this for anyone with children. It's such a wonderful presentation!

Keep in mind that Clanjamfry is this weekend! Rose Creek Village is hosting Village Fest next weekend, featuring performances by Smithfield Fair, in addition to Kulá and Tröen.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Show You Shouldn't Miss!

Last weekend, the Cracker & I were at CelticFest Mississippi and heard Kulá and Tröen performing together. They filled the room for an 11 am set on a Saturday. Remember that most people don't get to the event until after noon. Regretably, our schedule did not allow us to see them at their second performance, which we heard was also packed.

Fortunately, we get two other chances over the next two weekends. They will be performing at the Levitt Shell on Sunday, Sept. 13th at 7 pm. It is also my understanding that they are offering a special children's workshop at 5 pm. These young men are superb musicians. I'm not sure if WindDance is joining them, but their Celtic freestyle dancing is very exciting to see.

The new Levitt Shell, formerly the Overton Park Shell, offers lawn seating, with limited bench seats for physically challenged patrons. You may bring blankets, lawn chairs, coolers (non-alcoholic beverages only), a picnic. There will be food and drink concessions available. For other policies, check their website

Both groups will be performing at Clanjamfry, on Saturday, Sept. 20th at Evergreen Presbyterian Church. Also performing during the Scottish Faire are the Border Collies and the Hooligans. Both groups are new to me, but come recommended highly. I'm excited about the whole day! The Scottish Faire also offers a 5K Run, bagpipes, Clans & societies, sheep herding demonstrations, bagpipes, a Heritage Tent, contests and games for young and old, and did I mention bagpipes! A full day of activities for just $5 adults, $4 seniors, $2 students/children 5-12/military ID & family, chuildren age 4 & under free. What a deal!

Even more excitement will be had at the Clanjamfry Evening Concert by Old Blind Dogs! The concert is in the church from 7 to 9 pm. Tickets are $20 and worth every penny! The Cracker and I saw them in Bethlehem last fall and they were awesome! Do not miss this opportunity to see these world class Scottish musicians.

On Sunday, if you're still able to move, there is a Kirkin' of the Tartans church service at 11 am, followed by Dinner on the Grounds, provided by the members of the church. We've never been able to make it on Sunday, after the full day Saturday and all the events of the previous three weekends.

Next post--Village Fest, featuring Kulá and Smithfield Fair.