Friday, February 27, 2009

Feel Good Friday

With all the talk about Eileen Ivers playing in area this spring, I am reminded of the first time I saw her play. We were at CelticFest Mississippi in 1995 and one of the headliners that year was Mick Moloney with Eileen Ivers & Seamus Egan. This was the first year that we went to CelticFest, and the Cracker wasn't even sure he would like Celtic music. (He's come a long way!)

This clip is Eileen Ivers & Seamus Egan with John Doyle, who will be playing at NTIF next weekend, and it is from shortly before that first (for us) CelticFest.

(I know it's long and there's a woman talking at the beginning, but be patient and you'll see why these folks are at the forefront of Celtic music today.)

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