Saturday, June 13, 2009

No power? Who cares? The Fuchsia Band went acoustic!

Mairtin De Cogain & company prepare to play acoustic.

My co-blogger and partner, the Lovely Lauren

More preparation!

Getting started; they tried to run a cord and a mic, but it kept screeching.

They sounded marvelous, especially early as the crowd had not yet filled the patio.

Mairtin sings Dick Darby.

All in all, a lovely night, considering the west side of Cooper was out of power (the Crossing used generators) but the east side was up and running (the couple next to us, dismayed by the necessarily light menu of two sandwiches, a salad, a wrap and bruschetta, got beer but got take-out from Tsunami across the street).

Once the late-night crowd arrived, it became more difficult to hear but they soldiered through. Mairtin advised the crowd to check their website as a new album was going to be released next week. All in all, an awesome night despite all the obstacles!

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