Friday, July 10, 2009


My pick for Feel Good Friday is this selection from Teribus, a pipe and drum ensemble that is quite unlike the usual marching pipe and drum groups. Teribus, from what I understand, is rather fluid in its make-up, but in this instance is E.J. Jones, Richard Kean, and Kevin Hartnell on drums. E.J. and Richard are two of the best pipers I've heard. Both have played with the traditional pipe and drum bands and have won numerous prizes at those competitions. E.J. has played with numerous bands over the years, including Clandestine, The Rogues, Jiggernaut and The Willow Band. I've seen Richard with Jiggernaut and Poor Man's Fortune, but also know that he has played with Needfire and a medieval band whose name escapes me. Kevin Hartnell is with The Rogues. There's a whole backstory about bands named Clandestine intertwined with The Rogues, but you'll have to research it on your own.

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