Wednesday, August 26, 2009

September is Celtic-ful!

CelticFest Mississippi is one of our favorite festivals to attend. It always feels more like a gathering of friends than a music festival. So many events that we attend separate the performers from the festivalgoers, but not this one. This festival is a chance for performers to see old friends and to enjoy hearing other people perform, or in some cases, to play together. Then after the main event, we all go back to the host hotel and enjoy the seisuins. If we lived in Jackson, the Cracker and I would definitely want to be a part of the volunteer team that runs this event. In fact, this event was part of the reason that the Cracker got interested in Celtic music, well with a little influence from yours truly. UPDATE: Their schedule is now up, and you can find it here!

As things are, we do not volunteer at this festival, but not because we don't support it. Mostly because we need a break between events. One of our busiest weekends of the year is the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival on Labor Day weekend. An event that, sadly, will very rarely feature any Celtic music. We've been trying for years, but with only modest success. If you enjoy a wide variety of music, that doesn't include Celtic this year, do check out the MMHF presented by the Center for Southern Folklore.

The last weekend of September is filled with Celtic music! Again, the Cracker and I will be working at Clanjamfry, the Scottish Festival presented by Evergreen Presbyterian Church. In addition to playing at the festival, Legacy, from Jackson, MS, will be performing at the Celtic Crossing and the Levitt Shell will present The Prodigals, a Celtic rock band from the East Coast.

So, to recap. Check out other types of music at the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival (blues, soul, gospel, jazz, country, reggae, klezmer & more). Make the drive to Jackson, MS for CelticFest Mississippi for a great weekend of Celtic music. Visit Cooper-Young Festival and patronize our artist friends. Then come to Clanjamfry to see Legacy and the Sallymacs; the evening concert presents the great Brian McNeill (or have a pint and see Legacy at the Celtic Crossing). Join us for brunch and traditional Irish music with Legacy at the Crossing again on Sunday morning (or go to Evergreen's Kirkin' o' the Tartans, followed by Dinner on the Grounds). Then bring a picnic, blanket and non-alcoholic beverage to the Levitt Shell for some kickin' Celtic rock with The Prodigals. I'm tired just thinking about next month.

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