Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This weekend is Clanjamfry: A Scottish Festival!

Friday evening is the Ceilidh (or dance)(open to the public).
Saturday will be the Scottish Faire with dancing, crafts, workshops, clans, Border Collie demos, children's activities, and great music. (Unsure of the admission)
Saturday evening is a Concert in the Kirk by the fabulous Brian McNeill! ($20 ticket)
Sunday morning there's a Kirkin' o' the Tartans church service, followed by Dinner on the Grounds.

The Cracker & I will be managing the stage, which offers dance and music this year. I'm afraid I don't know much about the dancing, but I know lots about the music from Legacy and the Sallymacs.

Legacy, a tight, powerhouse trio from Jackson, MS (& Orlando, FL) features Valerie Plested on fiddle, Justin Murphy on flute, guitar & bodhran, and Don Penzien holding it all together with the guitar and bodhran (and vocals from all three). Legacy is in the top flight of regional bands performing music from the Irish tradition; their loyal following is both well-earned and deserved. Their skill is undeniable, their arrangements are complex and challenging, and their performances are tight and energetic. And they are really great people too. This is their second appearance at Clanjamfry.

The Sallymacs combine a traditional celtic style with a contemporary rock sound. The Sallymacs have created a high energy Irish-Rock show that will have everyone raising their drinks high in the air while they dance, shout, and sing along. The Sallymacs are Mark Harriman, Mark Yoshida, Todd Nichoalds & Brady Howle. This weekend marks the Sallymacs 10 Year Anniversary Weekend and their third Clanjamfry appearance.

The Evening Concert features the legendary Brian McNeill. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man. He is truly a legend. He is a founding member of the Battlefield Band. A multi-instrumentalist, Brian plays fiddle, octave fiddle, guitar, mandocello, bouzouki,viola, mandolin, cittern, concertina, bass and hurdy gurdy. He has been described as "Scotland’s most meaningful contemporary songwriter"; add to that his work and influence as performer, composer, producer, teacher, musical director, band leader, novelist and interpreter of Scotland’s past, present and future and you have a man who has never stood still. One of my favorite festival memories was 3 hours with Brian and Ed Miller in a colonial period icehouse that was restored and made into a wonderful listening room. This concert with be worth every penny of the $20 ticket.

In addition to the Clanjamfry events, there are quite a few other things going on, Celtic-wise.

9/25 (Fri) Sallymacs at the Blue Monkey, 2012 Madison Ave.
Show starts at 10 pm. Cover ?

9/26 (Sat) Legacy at Celtic Crossing, 903 S. Cooper St.
Show starts at 6 pm. No cover

9/27 (Sun) Legacy at Celtic Crossing's Irish Brunch, 903 S. Cooper St.
Brunch 11:30 to 2 pm. No cover

9/27 (Sun) The Prodigals at Levitt Shell, Overton Park.
Show starts at 7 pm. No cover. (see here for their policies)

The Cracker & I will try to make as many of these events as possible, but not even we can bi-locate. Hope to see you there!

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