Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our deepest thanks to all of you

As Patrick updated on Facebook earlier today, we learned late Monday night that our Lauren no longer had function of her brain, the very thing that made her her. We have kept her going so that her father could see her tonight, as well as her Aunt Cherie and Uncle John.

In the morning, she will begin saving the lives of other people her organs are taken for transplant, and tonight, we said goodbye to her for the last time.

While we have not been able to respond as we would have liked, know that your outpourings of love and prayers and support mean more to our family (and not just those related by blood) that we can ever express. She gave us so much that she is always with us, in spirit if not in body, and by doing those things we do of which she was such a major part, her memory shall never leave us.

This will be my last update for a while, please go to our friend Trace Sharp's website,, for more updates.

We as a family need a little bit of time to prepare for the celebration of her life, and we will make sure that you know when and where these will take place.

On behalf of the family, thank you for all you have done for us, it will never be forgotten.


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