Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CelticFest Mississippi Site Updated

This morning, much to the glee of the Cracker, we discovered that the CelticFest Mississippi website has been updated to include information for the coming festival.


Jimmy Crowley
County Cork’s Jimmy Crowley, a singer/songwriter and bouzouki accompanist central to the Irish folk scene since the late 1970’s. "Jimmy Crowley is a musical icon in Irish tradition…. the lift and lilt of his voice is the listener's joy,” says Micheál Ó Súlleabháin of the Irish World Centre.

Randal Bays and Dáithí Sproule
The second featured headliner for 2008 are returning duo Randal Bays and Dáithí Sproule. Among the many Americans who play Irish fiddle, Randal Bays is one of the few to find serious acceptance and respect for his music in Ireland. His serene demeanor certainly belies the power in his playing. The other half of the duo, Dáithí (pronounced DAH-hee) is, without condition, one of Irish music’s greatest guitar accompanists. Dáithí’s playing is both sensitive and driving, with no small amount of virtuosity. His rendering of traditional songs from his native Northern Ireland round out the duo’s musical vocabulary.

Many of the usual suspects are playing there as well--Legacy, Smithfield Fair, SPOT/Albert, Spirits of the House, Michael Harrison, Jim Flanagan, etc. For a complete list, go to http://www.celticfestms.org/performers.htm.

Please note that I was mistaken about the Cabot Lodge rate--it's $85 per night (not $82 as previously reported).

We hope to see you all there at this lovely, laid-back event, that always manages to feel more like a family reunion.

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