Friday, August 8, 2008

Feel Like a Road Trip?

As I was tooling around the World Wide Web, I discovered the Western Kentucky Highland Festival is coming up in Murray, KY. Murray is just about 3 hours away from Memphis. I only know about the event from their website,, but their Saturday evening concert (9/13/08) is a performance from Isla St. Clair. Now her I know!

My introduction to Isla St. Clair was as a young child, when my grandfather ordered the National Geographic Society album, "Music of Scotland" (okay, I'm dating myself, because this was an LP). She sang 2 or 3 beautiful songs on the album and I loved it! This was my first introduction to Scottish traditional music. The album also included a couple songs from Jean Redpath, a couple pipe bands and some other performers whose names I can't remember. Many years later, I would remember this album, when another friend introduced me to The Chieftans.

Anyway, Isla St. Clair has a beautiful voice and would be completely worth the drive to Murray, KY. The only problem is the timing. CelticFest Mississippi is the weekend before and Memphis' own Clanjamfry is the following weekend. Too much going on in too short a time frame. If anyone make the trip, let me know how the concert was.

Note: I'm not sure the above album is available anywhere, except maybe a used record store.

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